OD Service Housing Complex

Oradea Local Development Agency has completed the construction of the first block of the service housing complex identified in Oradea, str. Ovid Densusianu, the project consists in the construction of 3 blocks of 65 apartments/block.

The main objective of the project is the construction of housing spaces for the employees of the resident companies in the Eurobusiness Oradea Industrial Parks as well as for the companies from Oradea, not resident in the Industrial Parks, as a support in the fight that the private sector is leading to attract and retain the workforce.

In the study “How commuting affects subjective wellbeing” [Clark B. and all, 2019, Springerlink] it was shown that longer commuting times are associated with lower job and leisure satisfaction, increased strain and poorer mental health. The strongest association is found for leisure satisfaction.

Also, in the experience of residents of industrial parks in Oradea, if hiring is done within a radius of 40-50 kilometers, and the workplace then requires commuting, employee retention becomes problematic, as they tend to quit their jobs. This aspect, together with the fact that the unemployment rate in Bihor county is extremely low (1.35% in September 2019, according to data provided by AJOFM Bihor) creates big problems in obtaining and retaining the necessary workforce by employers.

The construction of service housing for employees who commute to work in Oradea companies would address the problems identified above.