Dear business representatives,

As Mayor of the City of Oradea, I would like to underline your essential contribution to the economic development of this city. I firmly believe in the importance of strengthening the relationship between local authorities and business. The effective synchronisation of these two pillars can exponentially increase opportunities for development and prosperity.

Constructive Dialogue: Our commitment is to keep the channels of communication open with business at all times. We are dedicated to listening, learning and acting in perfect alignment with your needs.
Infrastructural Progress: We are committed to continuing our modernisation and expansion efforts to meet the imperatives of an emerging and vibrant economy.
Optimal Regulation: We aim to provide a transparent and efficient regulatory framework, removing bureaucratic obstacles that can hinder growth.

Together, through our combined resources, expertise and mutual determination, I am confident that we will achieve our vision. I invite you to share your perspectives and actively contribute to shaping a developed and dynamic Oradea. Our door is always open for genuine partnership.

In appreciation and gratitude,
Florin Birta – Mayor, City of Oradea
Alina Silaghi si dl. Primar Florin Birta

I am pleased to welcome you as Director of the Oradea Local Development Agency. Here, in Romania’s new growth pole, you will discover an oasis of opportunity where tradition and innovation intersect, creating an environment conducive to business and development. Oradea, with its impressive architecture, modern and growing infrastructure, is a strategic location for investment. Our city is not only a gateway between East and West, but also a place where vision and ambition converge towards a prosperous future. Our mission is to facilitate and support investments that add value to the community, to provide investors with a favourable and transparent business environment. I invite you to discover all the advantages Oradea has to offer and become part of the transformation and growth of our city.

The ADLO team is here to be your partner every step of the way.

With great respect and enthusiasm,
Alina Silaghi – General Director, Local Development Agency Oradea

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