Business Incubator: Cresc Oradea Mare

The Business Incubator is a structure specifically designed to provide essential support for the development of early-stage businesses. Selected entrepreneurs benefit from the facilities and resources offered by the incubator for a fixed period (incubation cycle), during which they are assisted with advisory services and logistical benefits, including office space. The incubator provides an environment for business development, facilitating networking activities and not least support for partnerships. Selected participants have the opportunity to attend training sessions, seminars and conferences, where they receive assistance in developing business strategies, drafting projects to attract funding. The fundamental aim of this support is to contribute to the sustainable development of business in the city of Oradea, enabling entrepreneurs to achieve a level of stability and autonomy that allows them to break away from the incubator and operate independently, thereby increasing their chances of successfully meeting the challenges of the competitive environment and thriving in business in the long term.

A project of the Municipality of Oradea, administered by the Oradea Local Development Agency worth 2.4 million Euro

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Community ``Cresc Oradea Mare``

The business incubator ``Cresc Oradea Mare`` represents a unique opportunity for selected companies to benefit from specific services for start-up projects both in the pre-incubation - incubation and post-incubation stages.

The selected companies will:
👉 receive assistance in the implementation of business strategies
👉 be hosted in the Business Incubator building
👉 benefit from consultancy and office space
👉 participate in trainings, seminars and conferences
👉 receive assistance in attracting funding

The incubator has a usable area of 2,200 square meters and has:
👉 20 offices for start-ups
👉 30 open-plan workspaces
👉 6 workshops – support spaces for incubated companies
👉 Event and training rooms
👉 Kitchen and Café

New, fully furnished and equipped workspaces

Oradea Business Incubator residents will benefit from new, fully furnished and equipped workspaces. These include office chairs, conference tables, workshop desks with folding tops and adjustable heights, personal lockers, executive furniture and many other amenities, ensuring a productive and professional environment. Our meeting and event rooms are also equipped with furniture, conference chairs, modern audio and microphone systems and projection screens. In addition, our residents will have access to a wide range of equipment that will allow them to explore and develop unique ideas and products. Whether they are involved in technology, design, visual arts or other creative sectors, these gadgets will give them the means to realise their visions and develop a business!

👉 17″ laptops
👉 A3 colour multifunction printers
👉 4K video projectors
👉 A0 and A1 plotters 3D printers
👉 3D printers

👉 Drones
👉 Professional camera
👉 Complex conference microphone and speaker systems
👉 Projection screens
👉 Hosting & Data Center