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Oradea Statistica

Here are at least 8 reasons that make Oradea a strategic point in Romania for investment:

1. Exceptional Geographical Positioning: at the confluence of Central and Eastern Europe, close to the Hungarian border, a city open to entrepreneurs.

2. Ultramodern Infrastructure: Roads, rail and air connections, logistics hub. Continued investment in modernisation and expansion.

3. Workforce: Talented professionals, dual system education implemented, 4 universities, close collaboration between business and education system.

4. Economic Stability: A robust business environment and a predictable investment climate. Opportunities to access state aid schemes, tax benefits and local tax exemptions.

5. Higher Quality of Life: Easy traffic, efficient public transit, green spaces, parks, playgrounds and recreation, cultural events, and public and private health services.

6. Sustainable Development: The city focuses on eco-innovations and sustainability, technology centres and innovation hubs.

7. Tradition and Modernity: Oradea combines historical heritage with modern vision, creating a strong community spirit, a city where business and community work together for a common future.

8. Security and Safety: One of the safest cities in Romania with a clear vision for a smart city transformation.