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Educational Development Centre (The Spot)

“The Spot Oradea” Centre’s mission is to create an enabling space for the development of young people aged 12 to 25, helping them to shape a clear path into adult life and the labour market.

Main objectives:

  1. Developing young people’s skills: Through integrated educational programmes and innovative methods, the centre aims to develop both formal skills (such as professional knowledge) and non-formal skills (such as communication, teamwork or self-awareness skills).
  2. Responding to needs: The Spot aims to become a central point where young people and trainers (educators, teachers, educational counsellors) can find the resources, support and inspiration they need to reach their full potential.

Structure of THE SPOT Project:

  1. Career guidance (educational design)
    • Counselling sessions will be provided for young people to identify and pursue careers that match their skills and passions.
    • Workshops and programmes for personal and professional development.
    • Digital resources such as online platforms, orientation tests and preparation materials for different careers.
  2. International, National, Regional Educational Projects
    • Create partnerships with educational organisations in other countries to offer young people opportunities to study or volunteer abroad.
    • Organise events and conferences with different themes, giving young people a global perspective on different fields and career opportunities.
    • Participation in and organisation of national and regional educational competitions.
  3. Entrepreneurship/Hubbing/Networking
    • Encouraging entrepreneurship through workshops, courses and mentoring sessions for young people.
    • Create a coworking space (hub) where young people can collaborate on projects, meet other entrepreneurs or simply study.
    • Organise networking events to facilitate professional connections and encourage collaborations.