Traditional Labour Force

Oradea, one of the most prosperous cities in Romania, has undergone a significant transformation in recent years in terms of its workforce structure. Recent developments in the economic sphere, combined with the proactive vision of the local administration and its strategic accessibility, have made Oradea an important hub for various fields of activity

confectii auto


In recent decades, due to its location near the Hungarian border and the development of industrial parks, Oradea has become a central hub for the production of automotive components. The EBP I-IV parks, managed by ADLO, offer top-notch infrastructure and optimised logistics for companies in the automotive sector.



Metal manufacturing is one of the fundamental pillars of the City’s industries. Metalworking has been a symbol of resilience and innovation for Oradea. With a history that spans decades, the metal garment industry in Oradea has consistently demonstrated adaptability, reliability and a deep commitment to excellence.

mase plastice 2

Plastic Injection Moulding

Based on a combination of industrial tradition and technological innovation, the city has been able to adapt quickly to the changes and contemporary requirements of the plastics industry. From essential components for the automotive industry, to innovative solutions for the construction sector and household items, Oradea has become a key supplier



Multinational companies and local startups have identified Oradea as a good location for development, benefiting from modern infrastructure, skilled workforce and proximity to Western markets. From the production of electronic components to the assembly of complex devices and software development, Oradea covers a wide spectrum in the electronics sector.


Transport and Logistics

Oradea, crossed by the main transport arteries and strategically located on the border with Hungary, has become a vital centre for logistics and transport in Romania. The logistics parks and distribution centers in Oradea are equipped with modern technologies, optimizing the storage, handling and distribution of products.

Agricultura Oradea


The region surrounding Oradea is characterised by a combination of fertile farmland and hilly areas. Local agriculture focuses on cereal, vegetable and fruit production, and in recent years there has been a trend towards organic farming and small-scale, quality-oriented production.

Emerging Industries

Oradea, with its strategic geographical position and constant evolution in recent years, has become a point of attraction for several emerging industries

Make IT

Technology and IT

Like other large cities in Romania, Oradea has experienced significant expansion in the IT field. Innovative start-ups and nationally recognized software companies have chosen to open offices here, benefiting from the city’s talented local workforce and modern infrastructure.


Research and Development (R&D)

Incubators and Technology Parks: Oradea hosts business incubators and technology parks focused on R&D start-ups. These spaces promote interdisciplinary collaboration and provide resources for testing and implementing innovative ideas.


AI, Automation and Innovation

Oradea, known for its economic dynamism and advantageous geographical location, is aligning itself with this industrial revolution, attracting entrepreneurs and investors eager to benefit from the advantages offered by advanced technology. In an ever-evolving technological and digital world, manufacturing using artificial intelligence and automation has become an industry standard.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The city has started to implement “Smart City” projects, integrating IoT technology into urban infrastructure. This manifests itself in smart lighting, traffic management, efficient waste collection and air quality monitoring. To promote and discuss the latest trends in IoT, Oradea hosts conferences, workshops and hackathons, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

smart manufacturing

Industry 4.0

Smart manufacturing is an evolution in manufacturing, where production processes are optimised by integrating advanced technologies. It aims to improve efficiency, flexibility and product quality while reducing costs and production time.



Oradea, through its strategic position and local government projects, has started to adopt and promote the concept of e-mobility. This move is part of a wider effort to modernise and green the city, with a focus on sustainable development).