Oradea International Airport

As far as air transport infrastructure is concerned, there is only one airport in Bihor County, in Oradea, about 10 km from the Hungarian border. Oradea International Airport operates domestic flights to Bucharest to Henri Coandă Airport Bucharest. International flights include destinations such as Forli (Italy), Monastir (Tunisia), Hurghada (Egypt) and Antalya (Turkey).
Oradea Airport is currently in the process of modernization, with the official launch of the industrial project CTPark Oradea Cargo - the first air - cargo terminal - in June 2022. The cargo terminal is being built on a 14 ha site located between the airport and Industrial Park II.
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Cargo Terminal Oradea

The Cargo Terminal in Oradea is the first air cargo terminal in Romania. This project benefits from a direct connection with Oradea Airport and the Eurobusiness II industrial centre, as well as with the neighbouring big cities such as Timisoara, Arad, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Debrecen, Budapest. The terminal will provide both warehousing and airfreight facilities with Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, as well as road transport. To ensure a high flow of air freight, CTPark Romania has designed a complex project consisting of three buildings dedicated to warehouses and cargo services. The industrial park can accommodate customers from a variety of sectors, both air cargo, manufacturing and logistics, or mixed use. - photo source:

Intermodal Terminal Oradea

This project occupies a crucial position in the flow of freight from Oradea and Bihor County, facilitating its efficient transfer not only to Western European countries, but also to various regions in Romania. With a well-developed infrastructure and modern technology, the terminal will enable efficient handling of goods, reducing transit time and optimising operational costs.